Hybrid VLC : Cost effective, green and seamless wireless light communication for the Digital World.

Unlike other pure Lifi system, our company’s patented HVLC technology code named iConnect provides stable downlink data transmission using LiFi where the uplink is provided by WiFi. Our HVLC system also features an intelligent mechanism to switch Lifi communication to Wifi in the event if light communication is interrupted under no light or low light condition to ensure seamless communication conectivitity. A patented special modified Fresnel Lens is also featured in our HVLC system to enhance transmission distance of up to 3 meter as well as transmission coverage to cater for mobile users.

Our patented Hybrid VLC (HVLC) technology — codenamed iConnect — is an advanced intelligent wireless solution to meet the lifestyle needs, and high speed data communication environment, of the 21st century. It addresses the challenges and limitations faced by current WiFi and pure LiFi systems. HVLC uses LiFi and WiFi for downlink and uplink communications respectively. In the event that light is blocked, or in a weak state, an intelligent backup mechanism will kick in to switch LiFi to WiFi for downlink transmission and ensure seamless data connectivity.

Our intelligent Hybrid VLC technology has tremendous potential to penetrate into a range of new or existing applications that require information exchange and connectivity in a COST EFFECTIVE, SECURED, LOW POWER, GREEN, SAFE and SEAMLESS manner. It can be used in the entertainment industry, Smart Homes, IoT, interactive museums, EMI sensitive hospitals, home or office use, marketing communications, and so forth.

What is Lifi? The VLC system, also known as Light Fidelity (Li-Fi), uses LEDs to switch light intensity to different levels at a very fast rate, imperceptible to the human eye, not only providing illumination but wireless data transmission/ communication.

Market Potential:

  • The global VLC market is expanding rapidly with an estimated value of USD 387.5 million in Year 2015, and is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 56% to reach USD 15 billion by the end of Year 2023.

Our Featured System:

  • High data rate transmission (>1Gbps)
  • Low cost (using existing light infrastructure)
  • High SNR
  • No LoS (line of Sight) problem
  • No FOV (Field of View) problem (human eye safety in mobile devices)

Pictures of Our System :