Hybrid VLC :

Visible Light Communication (VLC). The hybrid VLC system is a combination of the existing RF system (Wi-Fi) and Li-Fi technology. In the system, VLC is used as a downlink where data is transmitted from the LEDs to the receiver within the lighting field while RF is used as an uplink.

In general, Wi-Fi able to provide the necessary data rate requirement and Li-Fi is applied to maximize its capacity in this hybrid solution. The hybrid system which integrates the RF and VLC technology is a great potential communication system in the future with its few advantages. RF is used as uplink in the hybrid visible light communication system.

Our featured system:

  • High data rate transmission (>1Gbps)
  • Low cost (using existing light infrastructure)
  • High SNR
  • No LoS (line of Sight) problem
  • No FOV (Field of View) problem (human eye safety in mobile devices)

Pictures of Our System :