Elementor #2682

Live with Terra Phoenix! It is a sustainability-driven company that aims to bridge data and community engagement with our very own technological solutions. Our latest solution is Li-Fi, where we use LEDs to provide Wi-Fi Come get to know our company better and ask questions about our innovations! Click here Click here

The 5th International Conference on future smart cities smart manufacturing

The heart of a smart city relies on several drivers such as information and communication technologies, smart manufacturing, robotics, big data, and artificial intelligence to improve the urban ecosystem, which includes infrastructure, security, manufacturing, transport, healthcare,and government services. The mission is to enhance the functions of the city, thereby promoting economic growth and improving citizens’quality […]

Garbage Classification Big Data Cockpit

Garbage mixed together is garbage, and separation is a resource. The classification and delivery of pulling garbage, the implementation and extension of accurate delivery, can effectively reduce the pressure of environmental pollution. (Internet + garbage recycling) can achieve intelligent garbage classification, promote the progress of garbage classification, improve the enthusiasm of residents to participate in […]

A seminar by the Founder Dr Tan Ching Seong on Food Waste and Carbon Footprint

Dr Tan was invited by Institute Engineer Malaysia to give a talk on Food Waste discharge and Processes,perspective from Carbon Reduction model. https://res.cloudinary.com/icycle-avatar/video/upload/v1662446978/Terra%20Phoenix%20Website%20Media/Webinar_Talk_Onfood_Waste_Discharge_And_Processes_Perspective_From_Carbon_Reduction_Model.mp4

CREST Visit by Senior Vice President Dr Nor Azmi Alias

The visit was held on 28 December 2021 and is to oversee current progress on the Prototype of Hybrid VLC that is currently undergoing R&D by TP through a research grant funded by CREST. Dr. Adamu Buhari, Terra Phoenix’s iCONNECT Lead Researcher provide the demo to Dr. Nor Azmi Alias for the prototype, highlighting the […]

iCYCLE China Revamp 2021

According to the “Opinions on Promoting the Treatment of Domestic Waste at a High Level” (Zhejiang Committee Office (2019) No. 59), the “Notice on Printing and Distributing the Evaluation Index and Scoring Criteria for the Classification of Domestic Waste in Zhejiang Province in 2021” (Zhejiang Classification [2021] No. 6) and other requirements, in accordance with […]

Shangyu’s first waste separation robot debuted, and waste separation played as “high-tech”.

https://icycle-global.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/iCYCLE-Robot.mp4 “What’s your name?” “Hello everyone, my name is Xiaohuan.” “What kinds of waste are there?” “Waste is mainly divided into recyclables, hazardous waste, perishable waste, and other waste…” On November 4, two new “guests” were welcomed in the Jinguiyuan community of Cao’e street, the waste separation robot supervisor “Xiaohuan” no. 1 and no. 2, […]

Third prize award of “I am in Zhejiang”. Congratulations Ai Fenghuan!!

Warm congratulations to Ai Fenghuang’s work “my peace of mind” won the third prize of “I am in Zhejiang – 100 foreign friends see Zhejiang” special dedication in the centenary of the founding of the party. Foreigners in Zhejiang are not only the builders of “Beautiful Zhejiang”, but also its overseas messengers. This year marks […]