Structural Integrity Analysis :

Correlation techniques needs experimentation to derive to its conclusion over an objective function. This presents a serious drawback as they result in long experimentation times to determine the structural integrity of the system. It is crucial in the real environment such as boiler system to minimise the experimentation time as production may need to be halted during the operation. Therefore, the design of correlation signal set should be in place to enhance the efficiency and robustness of the correlation finding to evaluate the structural integrity of the boiler. The estimation of impulse response is of great importance in many fields, for example, in communications and control. For a linear system, the impulse response uniquely characterises the system.

Many methods have been proposed in the literature for the estimation of impulse response. We provide insight into complex problem in delivering correlation outputs between the boiler’s performance and the sensor system performance. The boiler’s input-output is modelled as a MIMO process, where the state can be defined and correlated to the sensor system output. If the signal periods can be shortened alongside an improvement in the correlation method, this will largely improve the output yield and reduce the fault time.

Pictures of Our System: