1 Pcs Drawstring Mesh Bag (green)


package contain 3pcs mesh bag
1 Medium: 30 * 35cm (green)

[Safe and durable]
The product has been tested and contains no BPA, mercury and lead. It is completely safe to carry food. Double stitching on both sides of the bag adds strength and support. They are extremely durable and never tear or separate.

[Transparent and Breathable]
The reusable production bag is completely transparent to airflow and visibility. They are enough to get barcodes through them so you can quickly check out through purchases. The mesh bag allows air to circulate, preventing fresh fruits or vegetables from sweating in the plastic bag and reducing ethylene gas. Keep the fruit dry and the green leafy vegetables will not walk.

[All sizes are suitable for all your needs]
This bag is available in 3 different sizes and is suitable for fruits, vegetables and other things of any size.

[Easy to open and close]
The drawstring is durable and comes with a secure black lock to ensure the contents are safe. Its size is very suitable, so it won’t entangle when tightened. It is convenient to open and close.

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package contain 3pcs mesh bag
1 Medium: 30 * 35cm
color green


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